Freehand allows you to draw your own waveforms, and adds FM synthesis and sequencers to give the synth a unique character. Crystal is still surprisingly all present and correct, and still going strong in the all-new Logic W: www.

But one that seems to sum up HG more than anything else is this, Alien Space Weaver, as it combines synths with sc-fi. Not surprisingly, it excels at deep and dark atmospheres, soundscapes and effects.

It has two PCM wave oscillators, one of which has 75 samples created especially for it. Other features include a couple of filters, bass enhancers, effects including pan and delay and five lazy buttons — which we like particularly for easy editing. The company also makes MT favourite Spectral, but this is a cut-down version of its Alpha synthesiser, which has been around for a while but is still a good VA synth capable of great sonic results, down largely to an architecture that comprises dual-waveform oscillators, a multimode filter and a great modulation matrix.

The free version is fully functional, but ships with only a few presets. This is one of the best-looking free synths, and features a step modulator that makes it one of the most distinctive sounding.

The feature includes scenes, which also act as presets, giving SuperTron a lot more movement and character.

online synthesizer

One of the first VST instruments released, Model-E is a classic soft synth in its own right, and four years ago Steinberg decided to release it for free.

You can still download it, and the last still unsupported versions came out inso could well run on the latest systems. You get a quality synth with three oscillators and a noise generator, two envelope generators, a couple of filters, a stereo spread and a not inconsiderable 64 voices of polyphony, eight outputs and memories.

Synth1 is a freeware synth classic, and has managed to survive and jump from system to system. Synth1 is modelled on a Nord Lead 2, one of the best hardware modelling synths. Elek7ro is just as simple, and also available for Mac and PC — the former only bit, but it stands up well against some of the big boys. It snarls, squelches and burps — with two main oscillators and a sub giving extra growl — and is well worth racking up with some of the more atmospheric offerings here.

This voice VA synth is typical of some of the more recent hardware synth releases. With two oscillators, a sub and overdrive, you can get analogue bite and distortion, but it can be mellow too. It has a great look and atmospheric sounds. Some freeware is clearly designed to plug the paid-for version, and some does that but is usable in its own right; this fits that category. On top of that single oscillator are two LFOs, a multi-stage envelope and three onboard effects chorus, EQ and delay.

There are 12 patchable routings and 80 presets. If you want something to arp on about, for free, this is it. It has a cool blue fascia and is based on a classic Juno synth, with a few extras besides. Wollo Drone certainly has a great analogue sound, especially when you add in a Moog filter and lots of classic features. There are 32 voices of polyphony, allowing two oscillators per voice for a truly fat sound.

Other features include five oscillator waveforms with pulse-width and sync, four resonant filters, LFOs with eight waveforms and effects… W: www. Be updated with all the latest news, offers and special announcements. Subscribe now and receive a free chorus plug-in! We provide insight and opinion on the gear, tools, software and services to enhance and expand the minds of music makers and listeners.

Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. All Competitions Events Gear Industry. Will Betts - 9th April If you are reading this, WebSynths was unable to activate midi. The following steps may fix that:. The following steps may fix that: Use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Quit Chrome. Get lowest midi trigger from midi. Stopping all oscillators and feedback loops. About WebSynths.

All contributions are greatly appreciated! If you load or save a patch, it will appear here. The web audio api is still an experiment WebSynths does crash — I encourage you to save and record your work regularly If you are getting unwanted clicks or distortion: hit the panic button to clear voices save your patch, reload the website into your browser, then load your saved patch back in shut down all applications except your browser close all websites except WebSynths in your browser the super saw may be overwhelming your CPU, use a different oscillator waveform try turning down the volume attenuator and turning on the volume limiter try turning off effects as they may be overwhelming your CPU Most parameter changes impact the next note played — if you hold a note and change a variable, the held note will likely not be impacted The Web MIDI API is still an experiment.

It stops working at random, and you may need to reload the page to start it up again. The same WebSynths patch will sound different on different machines, operating systems and browsers — and a patch that will break a weaker machine resulting in audible clicks and stutters may work fine on a stronger machine If a sound gets stuck, hit the panic button to stop all sound There is a rare chance that a crash will emit a sustained high-pitched squeal — be prepared to close the browser window to save your ears and speakers from damage As of today, the latest version of Chrome seems to work best.

These are preliminary, to help out those new to synths. I'm working on tutorial videos that should be available soon. You can use the arrows on your computer keyboard to scroll through the presets. The triggers on the bottom are your keyboard.

You can change the tuning of the keys, or scale, by clicking the tuning button. MIDI is a way to use an external physical instrument to play it. If a note gets stuck, hit the panic button, it will stop all voices from playing. Oscillators are the voices. This synth has 3 of them located in the menu on the left.

The 'Shape' menu allows you to choose from different styles of voice for each oscillator. You can turn each voice on or off and mix and match them for some weird and wonderful sounds. The filter section applies equalization to your oscillators changes the brightness essentially via the cutoff and emphasis controls.

The amplitude envelope changes how your sound is played, volume-wise, when you hit a note. For example, having a long release time will mean that once you let go of the note you are playing it will tail off until fading out.

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Having a slow attack will mean that your note will fade in instead of playing at full volume straight away. The effects section allows you to add various effects to your overall sound. You can change the effects, mix them together and toggle them on or off too. If you want to create some really spacious and trippy vibes I'd suggest playing with Reverb and Delay. Chrome Fix.Skip to main content.

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Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Show only Burns Theremins items. Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth.

The Best Freeware Synths and Online Synths

Show only Roland items. Show only Casio items. Arturia MicroFreak Hybrid Synthesizer.

online synthesizer

Show only Arturia items. Show only MFJ items. Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 Under 49 Keys.All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and your creativity to make fire tracks. How you say? Well, lots of web-savvy developers are making online music tools that improve all parts of your music production workflow—from composing, to sequencing and sampling.

More Kicks Than Friends #1 - An Online Micro Festival

And mastering of course! AudioTool is an online production studio that feels like a real studio—and a really dreamy one. Customize your setup as much as you want without touching that paycheck. Plug cables and tweak knobs manually. Start building the free gear rig of your dreams with AudioTool here.

PatternSketch is a free online drum machine. The sequencer and drum kits give you the power to create entire tracks. Share your creations with your friends or invite them to collaborate. Find the perfect beat with PatternSketch here.

Type anything into Typatone and it will turn every letter into a beautiful sound. Switch the instrument to find what you like best. Open several tabs and create a polyphonic melody.

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Or even transform any text into ambient music by copy-pasting it into Typatone. Try it now:. Make music while you write with Typatone here. This free online Pitch Shifter lets you change the pitch of an audio file without changing the tempo. Start messing with your samples using Pitch Shifter here. Text To Speech opens up a whole new world of vocal samples for your tracks.

Type in text or lyrics you wrote. Then export the audio file in MP3 for free. Make better vocal samples with Text To Speech here. Online Sequencer is a free sequencer right inside your browser. Choose from 13 instruments and place them on your sequencer to make a melody. Start composing with Online Sequencer here. Some of you already know how much I love acid basslines. Use it to make an acid house track right in your browser.

Export your creation in WAV format. Acid Machine also has a drum machine to layer under your bassline. This version is totally free. Start making rave bangers with Acid Machine here. Oblique Strategies is a concept invented by pioneering ambient musician Brian Eno. Originally presented on a pack of cards, these short sentences help you overcome creative blocks. Start using Oblique Strategies to kickstart your creativity here.

Sometimes you just need a little push to get your song started.This app has a free trial. One million fans can't be wrong. So we extended our Music Keyboard with a large number of new sound effects to a Synthesizer Keyboard with 11 synthesizer engines, more than sound presets, effect parameters, 16 voices polyphony, 8 octaves range, MIDI sequencer, wave sampler and recorder, SoundFont player, auto sustain, global effects, demo songs, MIDI recorder, sound export, waves sample import, low latency audio engine, MIDI input, MIDI output, external keyboards We have added a Dynamic Wavetable Synthesizer.

Impressive interface, I found it especially handy with my touch Flipbook, it was a must have even if the tones dont last as long as they would on a real keyboard, it's close enough.

Great for fairly realistic keystroking and lots of neat little features that unlock, synth mixer boards awesome. It's pretty nice for the buck, it basically puts the power of my CZ1 into my lap, the keyboard gets larger after purchase. Would be nice to see a cakewalk autonote addition in future updates but saving your creations to wave or mp4's rocks.

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Great app, reinstalling after warranty service on my tablet. Do recommend. It wont even let me play. Well wasted my time downloading this. It's looks really promising but it crashes as soon as I tap the app.

I'll keep it and wait for an update. I want to set up a synch which can sustain a sound indefinitely but each note stops after 1 or 2 seconds. When I press a key I want the sound to continue until I let go of the key. You can set "Auto Sustain" to on in the Settings. Yes, it's just a copy of a similar app. But can someone tell me why this app tries to collect your Microsoft password when you go for saving a file? This tool opens you all functions of the app.

Remember, this free app is the result of 12 hours of development. Not working? I click it'll show intro then crash immediately. Looks good but cannot use it. Fix nd I'll give a better rating. I love the UI mostly, and I love the sounds. I wish the developer would include those, then it would be my permanent companion to my MIDI keyboard and Keytar while practicing at home Translate to English.

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Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. Free Trial. Synthesizer Keyboard. Wish list. See System Requirements.Make Music Online AudioSauna transforms your web browser into a fast and flexible music production studio with built in synthesizers and live effects. Or install now! Outstanding instruments for world class sound. AudioSauna has two powerful synthesizers and the web's most advanced sampler.

AudioSauna's virtual analog synth is a classic subtractive synth with rich warm sound. With two oscillators, its an easy tool for creating all the vintage analogue sounds from soft pads to screaming leads.

online synthesizer

The FM-synth brings the classic bright sound of the 80's to the browser! With features like ping-pong looping, unlimited layering, key range mapping and live effects this not your ordinary sample player. By Importing your own mp3 and wav files, the possibilities are endless. Easily refine the sound in your project. Use shared echo effects to balance your tracks.

AudioSauna's mixer is easy as ABC! It features a typical channel strip layout for controlling the volume and effects of the instruments. The most fundamental general-purpose effects of a mixdown are delay and reverb.

The objective of these effects is to connect tracks by giving them shared acoustic characteristics. For this purpose AudioSauna integrates tape delay and stereo reverb effects directly to the mixer. Streamlined workflow. Drawing on familiar conventions of DAW design. The Arrange Window provides a visual overview of your song structure. It displays when pattern blocks start to play, and their duration.

online synthesizer

Easily organize your song by moving, cutting and copying the pattern blocks in the Arrange Window. Just like in the Arrange Window, you can use the same techniques to lengthen, cut and move notes in the Piano Roll Editor. You can also alter the velocity of a note simply by dragging the note block horizontally with the Note Edit Tool.

To alter values of multiple notes at once, you can simply draw an automation curve anywhere on the Piano Roll Editor. This will display the values of each note with a row of horizontal sliders. Try it with cutoff for your analog baseline and you'll instantly get that classic acid sound.With the entire window dedicated to the piano roll and instant visual feedback on the pitch curve, Synthesizer V turns your idea into vivid melodies with less effort than ever.

Add layers of effects to bring out the emotion. Users may customize the layout by stacking panels in arbitrary order and position. Toggle visual aids button for note boundary display right behind the parameter curves. Create harmony, chorus and acapella with the help of Track Manager.

Make Music Online

Each track comes with its own database and singing style options. Easily work with multi-track projects with note display in the background and customizable commands for transfering notes and parameters across tracks.

It takes five iterations to make a decent voice synthesizer. Based on a hybrid of artificial neural networks and concatenative synthesis, Synthesizer V delivers natural and intelligible voice from a small amount of samples and sings in English, Chinese and Japanese. The editor hosts multiple tools for editing pitchbends.

Drag the pitch transition sliders to quickly set up a rough pitch outline; add details and ornamentations on the parameter panel. Or, simply switch to freehand-overlay mode to draw pitch curves directly on the piano roll.

Adding growl and scream effects with a single click by choosing from a range of presets, or design your own and save for future use. Unleash your creative potential by programming the vocal folds motion pulse-by-pulse. Use it in conjunction with Pitch Deviation, Tension and Breathiness parameters to discover more artistic possibilities. The built-in natural language processing module reads any word so you don't have to look up the dictionary trying to figure out the correct pronunciation.

In case of a mistake, you still have the option to manually enter the phonemes, or to correct the item in user dictionaries. For the respective languages, Chinese and Japanese characters are also supported. You can also import MIDI files, as well as several singing synth formats from other vendors.

Synthesizer V is built and brought to you by Dreamtonics, a Tokyo-based startup company. Dreamtonics specializes in computer music and speech technologies and offers product-based solutions to suit your creativity needs.

For feedback and usage questions, please visit the official forum. Simple Workspace Powerful Features.

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